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Customs clearance includes arrangement and accommodation of documents as an essential for appropriate assistance of export/import services, addressing the customer during customs assessment, appraisal, duty payment, and the organization taking conveyance of freight from customs after the clearance alongside the reports.

We can submit import and export customs sections on your behalf. We utilize devoted Customs programming to make sections. Deferment approval facility –we can pay VAT to Customs on your behalf utilizing our record (with cleared assets upfront).

We have confidence in making the entire cycle of customs clearance simpler and significantly more reliable for our customers, by killing a wide range of managerial weights and guaranteeing no deferrals or penalties.

Ultimate Custom Clearance Service UK

For making the hassle-free Customs clearance, it is important to seek the guidance of experts. Winify Logistics Services is the leading in offering the ultimate customs clearance service UK. Our team has been mainly providing the complete logistic service that includes the Customs clearance as well as nationwide delivery service in UK.

We have been providing unique services for International Corporations, Private Individuals and many more. We are the global supplier of transport and logistics solutions and are ready to provide you with complete services in more than 20 countries. Whether you have a requirement for personal use or business, then importing of the goods could be cheaper.

We have been mainly providing the complete customs clearance service UK with endless choice. The main purpose of our service is to explain everything to know before deciding and making the right choice.

Winify Logistics Services is the leading UK customs agent having years of experience in handling all the customs clearance requirements that include:

  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Transhipments

We at Winify Logistics mainly offer discrete and neutral service. Our dedicated team of experts is well versed in handling each task even without any hassle and gives you peace of mind. With import knowledge, our team provides you with a better option for increasing the eligibility for relief or exemptions. We are ready to easily minimize the surprise cost by giving you the best guidance.

  • No delays in Customs clearance
  • Filling out correct details/codes on Customs forms
  • Get your goods quicker
  • Take the stress out of transportation
  • Assisting you with clearing goods through UK Customs

Winify Logistics Services makes the complicated process much easy so it would be a great option for getting your goods transported. We provide advice on customs procedures, preferences and commodity codes.

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